Dale Dewey

We are quite familiar with the McCauley family. Because of this relationship I knew that Todd would meet/exceed our expectations. It is very important to us to have a working relationship that enables open, frank, and honest communications. Todd is very familiar with our goals in making a move decision at this stage of our lives. He was every bit what we had expected.

From our perspective it appeared that we were the only clients that Todd had. When we were around him, his focus was on us. He was always prepared with the next step.

Other than Todd, we primarily dealt with Becky Knapp. She was professional, energetic, and complimented Todd very well.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance for an agent to know the goals, background, and motivations of the client. I had not worked with Todd prior to our desire to sell our home. As I asked a few people about a good real estate agent, his name came up. Because I have the utmost respect for his family, I knew he would follow suit. I was not in the least disappointed.

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