The Boise Rose Garden

The Julia Davis Rose Garden is beautifully situated in the Julia Davis Park near downtown Boise. The garden was the original idea of H. C. Schuppel, Chairman of the “Cut Worms” a Men’s Garden Club in 1935. Through the design of Tom McLeod, the garden was arranged in 1939 with 1,800 roses; 300 of which came from Jackson Perkins and the remaining 1,500 from Villa Nurseries in Portland. later on that year another 1,000 roses were added and the dedication took place.

There are now 2,400 roses in the Garden. In 1992 the Public Rose Garden accreditation was acquired and each year it accepts 10 bushes of All American winners. The Rose Garden is a beloved spot in the Boise City and has seen a fair share of weddings and functions. Make sure to stop and visit with family and friends  and a picnic basket!