4th of July in the Treasure Valley


We’re only a day away from the Fourth of July in Idaho and across the country. It’s a time when Americans, young and old, come together to celebrate our nation’s independence with parades, barbeques, and awe-inspiring fireworks displays, a true testament to our patriotism. Most Idahoans would guess the big cities like Boise, Nampa, or Meridian…

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Discover Boise’s Real Estate Design Revolution


Boise, Idaho, is a city where dreams meet design. In 2024, the heart of the Treasure Valley beats with a new rhythm of real estate trends that inspire and invigorate. Whether you’re looking to update your current home or are in the market for a new one, here’s what’s hot in Boise’s real estate design…

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Square Foot Gardening

I love gardening and right now is the time to be preparing and planting by Mother’s Day!  This is a method I learned many years ago that works for today’s smaller lot sizes.  Square foot gardening is a gardening method that divides growing areas into small, clearly defined square-foot sections. This method is efficient, easy…

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Spring into Action: A Home Maintenance Checklist for the Season

spring cleaning and task checklist

Maintaining your home during the spring is essential to ensure it remains in good condition throughout the year. Here’s a comprehensive spring homeowner maintenance checklist: Exterior Maintenance: Inspect the Roof: Look for damaged or missing shingles. Check for leaks and signs of water damage. Clean out gutters and downspouts. Inspect the Foundation: Check for cracks…

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Pros and Cons of Buying a New Home vs. Existing Home


When embarking on the journey of homeownership, one of the fundamental decisions to make is whether to buy a new home or an existing one. Each option comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks, catering to different preferences and priorities. New Home Advantages: Modern Amenities: New homes often come equipped with the latest…

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For Buyers, A Checklist To Home Ownership


Navigating the home buying process can be daunting, whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced one. By collaborating with us, we’ll guide you through every step of the way to ensure you find a home in the ideal neighborhood that aligns with your budget and fulfills all your desired features, quality standards, and value…

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The Million Dollar Market in Eagle, Idaho


Those of us who have lived in Eagle for a few years — say fifteen to 20 years or more — can confirm that the Eagle real estate market has been hot, very hot, for a long time.  Even as long ago as 2005, nearly 900 homes changed hands in a year’s time. However, despite…

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A Seller’s Checklist: Getting Your Home Ready To Sell!


Spring, it’s just around the corner!  It is when buyers really start looking and March is traditionally always the beginning of the listing season for us.  Getting your home ready to sell involves several key steps to make it more attractive to potential buyers.  If you’re thinking about selling, start now by using this comprehensive…

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Ada County Home Sales 2005 – 2023: An 18-Year Overview


Ada County, Idaho, has experienced significant changes in its real estate market over the past eighteen years. This blog post delves into the trends and numbers of houses sold from 2005 to 2023, offering insights into how the market has evolved. Here are the total number of houses sold in Ada County, Idaho by broken…

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