Neil Kluckow

I am “Out of Africa” in the truest sense of the phrase, having been born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa, formerly the British colony “Rhodesia”. I have been married to a “Great Dane”, originally from Denmark of course, for 39 wonderfully exciting years. We have three children & five grandchildren. In 2000, due to a deepening crisis in the country’s political situation, my family and I immigrated to the USA, and thankfully settled in Boise, Idaho.

In Zimbabwe I had the privilege of attending a classical, traditional “boarding school”, very much like the one seen in the “Harry Potter” film. At this school excellence in academics, discipline, honor, integrity and teamwork were the expected norms and codes of conduct and it is interesting to note that the world wide acclaimed “Rhodes Scholars”, including former president Bill Clinton, are so named after the founder of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) Cecil John Rhodes, who whole heartedly endorsed this form of education.

Following my high school graduation I was drafted into the military (Air Force) for two years of active duty service. After an honorable discharge I attended a civil flight training college where I graduated with a “Commercial Pilot’s License”. However, I decided instead to pursue a career in the family business which owned and operated a well established agricultural enterprise/ export company, producing and marketing worldwide exotic commodities, including coffee.

Having lived and worked on three continents; Africa, Europe and USA, I have as a result, experienced considerable exposure to various cultures and developed an appreciation and broad perspective of the human psyche and business practices in general.

Personally I strongly hold to the concept that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and with regard to this have a passion and active interest in sports and cultural activities. These include tennis (playing & coaching), golf, hunting, fishing & live theater.